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The legislation governing Saskatchewan Vital Statistics allows for the publishing of a genealogical index of historic vital events. A portion of these events have been indexed and are available via the search below.

Over the years, the data collected on registration forms has changed. The older records have less information available and the database contains limited information. For example, many of the birth records do not contain the father's name.

Choosing a specific place of event will further limit your search. If you are unsure of the place in Saskatchewan where the person was born, leaving the item blank will expand the search and return more information. In some cases, the official document may have been illegible or the information necessary for the index was not provided.

If you wish to purchase genealogical copies of any of the records you located, simply use the results to complete the appropriate certificate application. Visit the order a certificate area to learn more about ordering a certificate.

Before you start your search, please read the instructions carefully.
Step 1  Complete the fields to be searched on and click the ‘Search’ button.
Step 2  Once your search results are displayed, you will be presented with the results that match your search criteria. Click the ‘Add to Results List’ button for each record you’d like to display in your Results List. NOTE – Your selection will be saved as long as you stay at this web site. If you leave the web site your selections will be lost.
Step 3  Once you have selected the desired records, click the link at the top of the page labelled “Click here to VIEW your Results List” to view all the records selected. Use the ‘Click here to CLEAR your Results List” to de-select any results.
Step 4  Save or print your Results List for future use.
Step 5  If you would like to submit an application for a certificate click on the order a certificate displayed at the top of the Results List.

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Work on this index will commence after the index of deaths has been completed.
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